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Teresa Teng, originally known as Teng Li Yun, was born on January 29,1953, in Tien Yang Village, Baozhong Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan. She was the fourth child and has three elder brothers and a younger brother. Her father Teng Shu was a veteran, while her mother Zhao Sugui had been a civil servant before acting as her manager as well as guardian, accompanying her in trips throughout Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, America and Canada.

Teng displayed her sweet singing voice as early as in her childhood. During the six years in elementary school, she competed in numerous Chinese Speech Tournaments on behalf of her school and even ranked the first place among participants from state elementary schools throughout Taipei County. She was frequently found singing songs in school organized activities where she revealed her talents in performing arts, and thereby she met a music teacher working with a military art troupe. He always managed to squeeze out time to refresh her with fundamental music theories, enlightening her music potential.

In 1963 when she was at junior secondary school, she took part in the Singing Tournaments sponsored by China Broadcast Station, where she won the championship by singing her favorite "Visiting Yingtai 訪英台" with the "Huangmei 黃梅調" opera tune. Then she participated in the Singing Tournaments undertaken by Golden Horse Prize Record Company, and once again with her "Picking Red Water Chestnuts 採紅菱" she won the championship. By that time she was no more than 15, wherefrom she started her singing career.

In 1967, Teng was introduced by Mr.Cheng Gang 程剛 to Gezhibing Night Club 台北國之賓歌廳 in Taipei, where she rendered opening songs for Wu Jingxian, Yao Surong and Mei Dai. Then she performed at the Oriental Hotel Restaurant, Night Paris Night Club, Taipei Night Club and Sweet Voice Night Club etc. However, the most attention drawing events were her participation in "Jingjing", the first TV show produced by China TV, then in movie "Thank You, Mr. General Manager" and then in "Miss. Enthusiast" screened in Hong Kong, and therefrom she gained rapid and widespread popularity.

The year of 1970 saw her first step on the land of Hong Kong where she attended the "Pak Fa Yau Charity Fair", and with the best performance there she was rightly elected the "Queen of Pak Fa Yau Charity Fair"; the next year she won the same prize once again, striking a deep impression upon Hong Kong people. Then with the Kaisheng Comprehensive Art Troupe she came to Hong Kong where she was highlighted on stage and her performance was warmly applauded. From 1974 to 1987, she offered her personal tour concerts respectively in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and America, among which the "Teresa Teng's 15th Anniversary Concert", "Concert in Tokyo" and "Concert in Las Vegas" were the most well known.

In 1973 at the height of her singing career, inspired by Mr. Zhong Weigeng, she made up her mind and gave up her achievements in Southeast Asia for a five-year exclusive contract in Japan, for which she moved to Japan for the sake of specialization in vocal training. In 1974, she was rewarded the "New Star Prize" with her song "Airport". This prize was quite something to her, which not only assured her of the choice she had made, but also compensated her regret for sacrificing her academic opportunity for the pursuit of performing success and consequently marked a milestone from which she started her singing career in Japan. Thereafter, she was showered with a number of prizes for her Japanese songs such as "Sweet Heart", "Compensation of love" and "Lapse of Time' etc. She established such a brilliant career that she even won the "Three Consecutive Championship for the Cable Broadcast Singing Tournament of Japan".

In 1979, as a result of a passport problem she shifted her residence to the U.S.A, where she found it a blessing in disguise for her to get completelyout of a ostentatious figure and got back to her plain school life, breathing the air of freedom as an ordinary person while devoting herself to studying languages. It was quite out of expectation that 10 years later she made an appearance in Hong Kong to attend the concert "Music For A Democratic China" and offered a song to those who were striving to pursue their ideals of freedom.



Since 1991, she had started to fade out of her singing career and frequently resided abroad between France and Thailand, living a tranquil and leisurely life which was her destined pursuit, despite on occasional cases that she had to show up for preparation of her records and to attend some charity events. On May 8,1995 she died suddenly of breathlessness at the age of 42. However, her exquisite voice and sweet smile shall be forged forever upon the bottom of the hearts of thousands of her fans.



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