I'm democratic to the core of my being@

I'm democratic to the core of my being and feel very strongly that in any society the greatest legitimacy in credibility is provided through the process of election.   @

Reply at a Legislative Council question session regarding the Legco's motion calling for Hong Kong people to elect their first post-1997 chief executive and legislature. 
February 1, 1996


Note :

The first Chief Executive was elected by a 400-member Selection Committee, which was handpicked by the Preparatory Committee for the Special Administrative Region. The Selection Committee was also responsible for the election of the Provisional Legislature to replace the Legislative Council elected in 1995. The American Secretary of State Madeleine Albright pledged to boycott the swearing-in of the Provisional Legislative Council, even though she would attend the handover ceremony. The United States' official position is that the interim assembly was not democratically constituted. "It is import that we at high level do not endorse what they (Beijing) are doing." Albright said on June 11, 1997